Having a smooth home inspection

10 Steps To A Smooth Inspection And Cleaner Report

1) If you own pets, it’s recommended that they be caged or removed from the home during the inspection. Your potential buyer and their family will likely attend the inspection and even the most friendly pet may become uncomfortable or territorial around strangers.

2) Keep in mind that a little house cleaning goes a long way in helping speed the inspection process. You may also consider cleaning up after your pets to avoid a negative impression for your buyer and/or accidental tracking into your home.

3) It’s important to make sure that all the utilities to the home are turned on and that all gas appliances are lit. You will also want to be sure that all major components in the home have easy access and are cleared for inspection.  Inspectors are not allowed to ignite gas appliances or move personal belongings to access items or areas such as the; attic, crawlspace, electrical panel, furnace, water heater, etc. Also, remember to open any locked areas.

Special note: It is likely that loose insulation or debris will drop from the attic access when opened. Although we are very careful, you may wish to open the access yourself or cover up any personal items below the access, prior to the inspection. 

4) All kitchen appliances will need to be tested. Clearing your stove, oven, microwave and dishwasher, will help speed the process and prevent accidental damage to stored items.

5) To keep these minor issues from appearing on the inspection report, you should consider changing your furnace filter, blown or missing light bulbs and smoke detector batteries. You may wish to make small repairs like installing missing light switch and receptacle covers, fixing minor plumbing leaks or cracked windows.

6) All windows and toilet tank lids will need to be opened for inspection. It’s a good idea to remove any decorations placed in these locations to avoid accidental damage or a disclaimer of “not inspected” to appear in the report.

7) Windows will be inspected and operated throughout the home. Opening your blinds and curtains will help to prevent accidental damage and allow for a much quicker inspection.

8) If you would like to let the inspector know anything about your home, please feel free to leave a list/letter on the kitchen counter. Any repair and/or maintenance records regarding the home and it’s systems will also be very helpful to the inspector and your potential buyer.

9) It is customary for the seller of the home to not be present at the inspection. If you plan on attending the inspection, please be courteous to your buyer by being available to answer any questions but keep yourself separated throughout the inspection process. It’s important to allow your buyer the needed space to talk comfortably with the inspector about the home.

10) At the end of the inspection, the inspector will review his findings with your potential buyer. The review is very critical to the buyers understanding of the inspection. To allow the buyer to be comfortable asking questions and addressing any concerns with the inspector, we recommend that you not be present at this time.

Special note; If access to any items or areas is blocked, due to personal storage, the potential buyer may request that “the seller” pay for a re-inspection. Having the home properly prepared can greatly reduce the need for a re-inspection.

Radon Gas Testing:

If a radon gas test has been requested by the buyer, please maintain closed home conditions.

Closed-house conditions means keeping all windows closed, keeping doors closed except for normal entry and exit, and not operating fans or other machines which bring in air from outside. Fans that are part of a radon-reduction system or small exhaust fans operating for only short periods of time may run during the test.
Please keep closed home condition 12 hours prior to the test being conducted as well as during the 48 hour test.

After The Inspection:

Please know that at Five Star Home Inspections we try our very best to leave your home in the same condition we found it. However, we also know that we are human and want to ensure your safety and the proper function of items that have been tested.

Please re-check all your window and door locks, your thermostats for desired setting and GFCI receptacles, especially if you have a freezer or refrigerator plugged into a GFCI.  GFCI receptacles are mechanical, they can and do fail during and after testing.

Who Gets The Report?

The “Client” is the person who paid for the report and they are the sole owner of the report. Please remember, we cannot release the inspection report to anyone except the “Client” due to privacy rights.